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Retrofit to a 3-hole?

Originally Posted by Tex S
Can you actually use a 3 hole turret on a LCTP?
To expand on Peetzakilla's answer.


Last year, I asked Lee Precision if fitting a turret ring from the older 3-hole turret could do what you asked. Their answer was, "No" with this explanation.

Lee makes (and sells) parts to convert the older 3-hole turret to a 4-hole turret, but it involves replacing the vertical posts and the turret ring. Lee does not make the parts to switch the 4-hole turret to a 3-hole.

You could convert a Lee Pro-1000 to a three-hole turret or a four-hole turret though. Then you would have a Deluxe Turret (for about the price of a new one and losing a Pro-1000 in the bargain.)

I have been toying with the idea of a linear turret. You would then be able to have a 2 station turret, 3 station, 4 station, 5 station etc. The problem is that the autoindexing is more difficult and returning to station 1 would have to be manual. I'm working on it.

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