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Originally Posted by GunXpatriot
It says that the BATFE ruled that the "previously approves barrel shroud included with the GSG 5 SD to give the cosmetic appearance of a real supressor, was in fact a suppressor, despite being physically incapable of functioning as a suppressor, and therefore is regulated under the National Firearms Act. Ati, inc. instituted a recall of the item.
My understanding, as it applies to the GSG, is that the fake suppressor was hollow in the original versions of both the GSG-5 and GSG-5SD. Since the "suppressor" shroud was threaded into the front of the reciever and not the barrel; the barrel could be cut off, and the fake suppressor easily modified to make it funtional. The recall was a change to the fake suppressor to make such a modification impossible.

At least that is how it has been explained to me.

Does anyone think they can explain this oddity to me? It's things like this that I just have trouble understanding...
welcome to firearms legislation. Not much of any of it makes much sense.
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