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Legalities of a "built in" suppressor? (New York)

I was looking around the internet and came across the GSG 5, a clone of the H&K MP5, but in .22lr. There is an SD variant, which has some other variances to the rifle, but has a "fake" suppressor. I checked this out on Wikipedia.

It says that the BATFE ruled that the "previously approves barrel shroud included with the GSG 5 SD to give the cosmetic appearance of a real supressor, was in fact a suppressor, despite being physically incapable of functioning as a suppressor, and therefore is regulated under the National Firearms Act. Ati, inc. instituted a recall of the item.

Now the definition of a suppressor is a device that is attached to a firearm (etc.), which is used to reduce the amound of noise generated by firing a weapon. This can also apply to parts, etc which will be used for a "muffle" effect or "silencing" effect, according to the BATFE.

This is the part I dont understand. As many know, silencers are completely banned in the state of New York. Many also know that there is a device known a a "Baffle". These are essentially what make suppressors "suppress". Here is the problem I have. There are many air rifle on the market with built-in baffleing. Such a rifle would include the Gamo Silent Cat. There are many others, but this is a prime example of a built in noise dampener.

How can a built in silencer be legal on an air rifle and not a normal firearm? They are both technically used for the same purpose, yet it is some sort of double standard. A device which cannot silence a rifle was recalled, yet a rifle with a built in "silencer" is perfectly legal, no matter where you live... No doubt the conventional firearm is far more deadly, however logic-wise, this makes no sense.

Does anyone think they can explain this oddity to me? It's things like this that I just have trouble understanding...

Quick Edit: Wouldnt a loophole be the fact that the silencer is built in? You arent reducing the report of the firearm if the firearm was designed to be quiet. It's like false logic... :'( Damn lawmakers...

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