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Can't help you with the 32 ACP. I do load for the 32 S&W Long, but I don't think that other than diamater there is much in common. I use a .312 90 grain SWC over bullseye powder.

As you are loading single shot with the ACP case, you could probably use the 90 grain SWC or even a 115 grain cast bullet without too much trouble. A light crimp would suffice to hold the bullet as it won't have to transit the magazine into the chambers as in a semi-auto pistol.

I'd probably load on the top end of the chart for it as that long rifle barrel will need more gas volume to get the projectile out of the barrel than a 4" pistol would.

By the way, I often use the Speer .32 long 98 grain swaged bullets in my 30 cal rifles without any troubles and accuracy is good through 50 yards when used over Bullseye powder. They are quite useful for teaching new shooters to shoot as well as poleaxing vermin at close range.
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