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I worked part time at an Indoor range in the early 90's. When sweeping up the range (10 lanes) I got to keep all the brass I wanted. That added up to more than 10 5 gallon buckets over the period of 3 years. Over time I sorted, cleaned and bagged it in gallon ziplock bags and labeled it. I have more brass than I will ever shoot. The only supplements have been 40S&W as I never got any of it at the range. I have bought several K of once fired 40 in the last 10 years and now have a nice stock of it since I shoot it most. Being a RO at matches, both state and regional, I have been lucky to have been given a few K of new brass which is still in the boxes it arrived in. I am down to shooting around 10,000 rounds a year at age 64. My membership indoor range lets you have the option of picking up brass or donating it. I pick it up and they furnish the broom.
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