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Ok here is a suggestion to help with your situation. I would recomend using a 158 grain Lead Semi WadCutter. It will seat a whole lot easier than the full was cutter. Also it is a very common bullet for .38spcl, and .357 mag.

For powder I would recomend Trail Boss for the cast lead. I will warn against using it for full wadcutters like the 148 grain ones. I tried it. The ones that actualy left the barrell fell feet away. 3 of them stuck in the barrell and were a real chore to get out.

Now take an unprimed case and seat the bullet you will use. Use another bullet, and a permanant marker. Figure how deep the bullet goes in with the one outside of the case, and make a line. then use that line on another case, trim the case down to a small bit below that line. Wrap a paper clip around it to make a dipper. You now have a dipper that will dipense the powder for your loads.

Please note I repeat do not use Trail Boss for full wad cutters. You will end up with squibs. Possibly with one you did not know was stuck in the barrell, and if you fire another behind that it can damage the gun. It is perfecly safe with all other bullet, shapes, and styles in the .38 spcl and is a clean burning low pressure powder.

I use it a lot with 158 grain LSWC, and it gives exelent groups.
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