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With no expander, the hollow base may get sized more by the brass on loading, then a solid base??
cast might be better then swaged? Cast being harder alloy?
Alright, now I know I need to buy the ABC of Reloading. I’ll do that now, and get the supplies to reload next paycheck.
Always used standard dies to load the 148 wc.
Don’t want to cast my own bullets. I’d like to buy them, at least initially. I’m really hoping I don’t ride this slippery slope all the way to casting my own bullets. At least not anytime soon.
I would recomend a different powder other than HiSkor800x I have not seen a single load for .38 spcl published with it. That is from the Lee chart with my .38 spcl dies, The Lyman Pistol & Revolver 3rd edition, and from Hodgdon. Besides .5 cc sounds a bit much for a wad cutter. If using a Hollow Base WadCutter you are running a huge risk of blowing the skirt out on it.

Now 700x is listed for loading .38 spcl. Though if it meters like 800x I would not use it without a scale. I would recomend using something like Bull's Eye, or Titegroup. Both meter well, and work very well with loads for .38 spcl.
There’s no other powder listed for the 148 grain Wad Cutters on the little chart that came with the loader, so it looks like I’ll need to change bullet types and weights so I can utilize the loader kit with out buying more stuff. Humbug. I was hoping to be up and running by Friday so I could load this week and shoot next week.

Thanks all though. I'm going to do this, and though I know it'll be old news to y'all I put a report when I get it all done!
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