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Hey Mr. Borland, thanks again.
Again, I think a good goal would be to be able to consistently shoot in the mid 40s on an NRA target at the appropriate distance.
So next time I go to the range I’ll push 4 targets out to 50’ to establish a base line there. Then I’ll concentrate on the 21’ (shortest allowed at this range, also the one with the most convenient marker) and continue tracking. When I pull my mean group into the mid fourty’s I’ll back it off again to 30’ or so and start all over.
I’ll spend the rest of my ammo on the remaining ten targets, and the berm.
A fiber optic isn't necessarily bad for target shooting, but understand that the fiber isn't the sight itself, so it'll be important to keep the sight - not necessarily the FO - in alignment
What do you mean sir? Isn’t the FO the front sight post? Just lengthened and made of light conductive material?
I’m selling my old junker prelude this week, and hopefully that’ll give me the money to buy an Sp101.
Or not. Just saw a site with a suggested retail of $675. I can close like a beast but on a brand new high demand weapon with a huge market, and one that’ll possibly have to be ordered? I’m not that good.
But thank you Sigcurious and Mr. Borland for the list of online sites to troll. I’ll start once I escape from work and have access to unfiltered internet.
Hoppes No 9 and spent powder just overtook fresh baked cookies on my list of favorite smells. Don't tell my wife!
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