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Great video, as usual, Mike.

My original Lightning has almost the opposite problem as yours and Roughshod's. It's super sensitive to the rim diameter. Modern .38-40 cartridge rims are too big and get hung up on the ejectors. I ended up chucking all of my brass in a drill press and taking off a few thousandth's until they'd eject properly.

The ejectors in the Lightning are a real puzzlement to me. They are machined to match the curve of the rim, which rides in that curve until it hits the ejection stop. At that point, the mouth of the case is clear of the front of the ejection port and it flips clear. On my gun (great grandpa's, actually), if the rim is too big, it hangs up on some tooling marks on the ejectors and tries to eject before the mouth is clear of the front of the port. Then everything jams up and I have to break out a plastic screwdriver that I keep handy and pry the empty case out of the port.

I thought about smoothing out the ejectors, but I'm too afraid that I'll mess something up - and besides being a treasured heirloom, it's a three-digit serial number from the first year of production. So I went with trimming the cases instead.

You can see the left side ejector here:

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