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Loose fitting CCI primers - normal?

I usually load WLR primers into Win brass, and they are a very snug fit.

But, my new "project" involves loading CCI #200 Large Rifle primers into Rem brass. They offer almost no resistance when seated, using the same hand held Lee Auto-Prime tool I always use with my Win primer/Win brass projects.

The Rem brass I am using is from once fired .270 WSM Core-Lokt factory ammo.

Are CCI primers a thousandth or so smaller than Win primers?

Or...does Rem brass have larger primer pockets than Win brass?

Or ... is .270 WSM such a high intensity/pressure round that it loosens primer pockets?

Worry, or not to worry?

P.S. I am going to load Trail Boss powder so the pressures will be only about 25 to 30 thousand PSI - not enough to push loose primers out of the seats, I suppose. Or not?
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