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To each their own but I want more assurance of the 'right', seated charge than the sound of a bouncing ramrod. Over the years, if there's a mistake to be made, I've made it.
Loaded projectiles with no powder.
Loaded double powder.
Loaded with a double charge(of powder).
Loaded and not fully seated load....
...All only to be caught by a marked ramrod.

On loading the double projectiles...Fun pulling the second loaded projectile out using the ball puller.
Pulling the nipple and putting a charge down the channel many times was enough to clear bbl of first loaded projectile.

My preference is to mark the range rod for an empty bbl. Then preferred hunting load as usually this is the max. load I'll be shooting. I'll then mark for a target load.

The rod I use for hunting has an empty and hunting load mark.


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