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Never saw the original thread on this so I thank Golden State'er. I see this original was heavily discussed back in July, however some months the computer isn't used as much as other times.
!st of all Tex is to be commended for his candidacy of publishing his mishap.
I am going to go out on a limb and call this an accident! He was doing this at the proper place and with the intention of demonstrating a "Defensive Retention" technique.
I watched the slow motion part of the video 20 or more times and he did NOT crook his finger to the extent most here have claimed. His finger was in line and straight and only when the pistol released in an unexpected manner did the finger go to the trigger much like a bump fire when it can discharge a double action revolver if the shooter is not gripping properly and is trying to get control again.
Tex's mistake of disengaging the safety because of the brain fart mix-up with the thumb release vs the index caused the pistol to remain locked into the holster and the release looks to me to have been out of control, with the mind concentrating on low retention, backing away from BG all happening at the same time, NO this was an Accident! and can happen to any of us.
Think of it this way, if that pistol would have released normally and the shot would have gone off low and hit the target frame leg 1 inch above ground, would that have been a Negligent Discharge?
This could happen to any one of us.
And it isn't a "DEAD HORSE"
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