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There is a significant boost in optical quality and power needed to go from 200 yards to 300 yards. You will want an 80mm spotting scope (a high quality 65mm might do, but might not). ED glass would be nice, but pricey.

One good scope option is Celestron (Chinese, rep for good glass); either their Ultima line or perhaps the C90 would probably fit the ticket.
  • I have seen OpticsPlanet run specials on a Celestron combo spotter / tripod that was actually cheaper than just the spotter scope. Keep your eyes open.
  • The Celestrons allow you to change eyepieces, which gives you a LOT of flexibility.
Don't forget the tripod - you want something nice and stable, or every little vibration will ruin your view. A tabletop tripod will probably NOT be sufficient.

You may be able to find a good deal on a used tripod or scope; that could let you scare up better quality equipment for less money.

Most of what little knowledge I have is from an interest in astronomy when younger, and from the OpticsPlanet forums and target shooting FAQ. As you research what you want and find other good sites, please post!
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