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Speaking of progress how am I doing as a bench mark? What can I do to track my progress more effectively? Or is what I’ve started to do enough i.e. keep careful track of my average group size and score?
You established your baseline, so monitor progress from here. For now, I think you should keep up what you're doing - group size & score. Again, I think a good goal would be to be able to consistently shoot in the mid 40s on an NRA target at the appropriate distance. At 50', 1.5" - 2" (or 3"@25) groups are achievable - it's not necessarily easy, but it is something Average Joe can achieve with practice. That's not world class marksmanship, but it's much better than anything most will see at their range. Your baseline is just under 40 at 21' on a 50' target, with a 4.6" group, so keep working to execute the fundamentals well, and start moving the target out as your groups shrink and score rises.

Add some variety by shooting DA & SA, weak hand, strong hand only, etc. The main thing, though, is to get a good foundation in the fundamentals. It can be boring and frustrating, so keep it fun, but working on the fundamentals now will pay big dividends later. Shooting well isn't easy, so be patient but persistent.

Either an eight shot new one, or an older 6 shot, but they never have any used at my LGS and I’m kinda afraid to buy a weapon on the internet. BTW do you think they’ll make the new sp101 8 shot blued?
Also what about the fixed sights on the Rough Rider or Bearcat? Would they be a hindrance to my practice? Or the fiber optic sight on the new 101?
I'd skip the cowboy revolvers if you want an understudy to your GP100, as the grip & trigger are so different. I wouldn't worry about buying new from a reputable on-line dealer. Buds Gun Shop is a good place to start looking.

A fiber optic isn't necessarily bad for target shooting, but understand that the fiber isn't the sight itself, so it'll be important to keep the sight - not necessarily the FO - in alignment.

Oh, and should I adjust the sights on my GP to account for my consistent miss to the right?
Since you're also tracking group size, I'd leave the sights alone for now. Until your groups tighten up & gain some consistency, you'll be chasing sight adjustment, and it'll be a distraction from your real job - sight picture/trigger control.
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