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<please activate "Humor Mode ON" for the balance of this post. >

If you are easy to offend, or weigh 300+ pounds and stand at the Cabelas counter drooling over brass framed "not a copy of anything" revolvers that you can't really afford, you might want to skip elsewhere. You've been warned.>

That was a public service announcement from Willie, who stands firmly with tounge in cheek.
Now on to the good stuff:

Funny: If it were a Colt, I'd be happy to have Col S. Colt's name on the top...

Cheap Italian Copies.... well.... they are always going to be lesser. They would be *classier* if they were not stamped "Cheap Italian Copy, Black Powder Only" on the side where even a casual photograph at the reinactment shows it's a farb.

Admit it: They would look better, wouldn't they? Come on! Admit it: It's OK..... really. Say it: "They would look better without those markings". Yes!! You did it! Congratulations!! There, that was not so bad, was it? Don't you feel better now? Now let's all hold hands and sing....

They would look better, and we all know it. And it would cost Pietta zero.


What would be the downside to Pietta placing those markings under the loading lever? Let's think it thru:

Do you think any of the Camo-Cabelas-Crowd standing cheek to jowl at the gun counter would go "Uhh... wow... it's nice but I'm NOT going to buy it because I WANT that *prestigous* brand "Pietta, Made in Italy" stamped out for all of my fellow yahoos to see?

Or maybe "Wow... I'm such a moron that I REALLY want it to say BLACK POWDER ONLY in HUGE letters on the side of the thing so I don't forget not to use bullseye when I load it?"

No, there's no downside, only upside. They are not going to lose the yahoo-buyer. They might gain the more sophisticated buyer. That's a win-win.

Then again... there are plenty of yahoos standing cheek to jowl at Cabelas who will buy just about anything... and the cheeks and jowls get larger every year, and they stand closer and closer... Ahh... the very thought of unwashed yahoos makes me want to mail order from S$S, where I get a Uberti for about the same price...

<Please revert to "Humor Mode NORMAL" now>

Smile, and enjoy.



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