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I disagree about this incident. It would have been one thing if, while shooting at the armed persons that were trying to rob him and threatened his life, if he had missed and hit an innocent person directly behind the robbers. That would be understandable though very tragic.

Fleeing the scene on foot, in fear, and asking for police to be contacted, but when an officer arrives in uniform, believes the officer is real at first, and then changes his mind upon seeing the tattoos and shoots said officer not once, but 3 times. It sounds like other witnesses, that understandably should have been shook up and in fear from witnessing the officer being shot, stepped forward to help, believing the officer was in fact real.

While this and the other case of the girl shot in church are apples and oranges in what happened, I think both people who fired their firearms should be charged and have a level of guilt placed upon them. That is my feelings on this. Both made bad choices, and should face some penalties.

Apart from a pure self defense shooting, or a miss while actually defending oneself as I mentioned above, I have always been taught, from childhood, throughout my adult life, and even in my training, that each shot I fire I am responsible for, both civil and criminally speaking. The only reason that I place a pure self defense separately, is that it is an affirmative defense to the shooting, and even then there may be charges or a civil trial.

I guess from others views, my feelings may be wrong.

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