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“keeping it all rather mysterious” not me, normally I do not get involved in recommending a brand, more times than not my answer provokes the next answer.

I was in Montana going up a hill that was covered with ice, way up in front of me was a SUV pulling a camping trailer, he spun out, with no one coming down the hill I moved over to pass him, it was not to my horror that he stepped out of his vehicle and in front of me, but, I stopped, He went to tell me about his problems, no traction, no chains, a good case could have been make for the the benefit of other drivers on the hill that night, all were better off if he was stuck. And I ask him “What do you want me to do about your problem?” he thought about it then said “GET STUCK TO” and I think of that night on ROGERS PASS EVERY TIME I hear someone pushing Lee tools. I have some Lee equipment, I do not make excuses for owning the tools, most, if not all came as packaged deals, “Purchase this and I will give you all this lee stuff”.

Then he ask me how he could help me, I explained to him I would turn around, go to the bottom and start over, I cautioned him to be very careful about stepping in front of vehicles that are going up hill on ice and snow, some will not stop, others can not stop.

Reloading equipment and those that are looking to get into reloading, the fastest way to end a thread is offer to help, send mail, include what you plan to load, I will try to fill your list within your budget, if you are sold on Lee, I can help you with that also.

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