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The 432 is a sweet little gun, though I do wish the factory load was just a tad hotter. This little jewel needed only one thing out of the box -- front sight paint! To have something this small with six shots of .327 would be a great defensive gun. Has anyone converted an aluminum framed .32 H&R to .327? I'd be afraid to trust it. I'm not even sure a Scandium frame would hold up without it being specifically engineered for the higher pressure of the .327.

Hello Bill & Glenn
Speaking of a Very Rare find, I happened to come across a S&W Model 632 Cenntenial revolver last weekend. It came to me while I was at a Gun show and I bought it from it's original owner. It had only been test fired from the factory and sat in it's original serial numbered box there after. These were made from 1991-1992 Only and do Not show up often. I am not sure if the stainiless steel cylinder would Take the Higher pressures of the Federal .327 Magnum, but I would Be Very Leary to experiment with such a Rare piece. I gave it to my wife this morning for a Valentines day present along with a Card and box of chocolates... Here is what one looks like & up until now, I have only seen these in Pictures. By the way the guy that owned it drove a hard Bargain he wanted exactly whay he paid for it in 1991 and I caved into his asking price of $275.00, and was Very Pleased to get it. Now we have a Pair of Air-Weights chambered in .32 H&R Magnum this one and my model 431 P.D. Air-Weight Model of which both are shown below in Chocolate & Vanilla flavor... Too Bad S&W stopped Making these fine revolver's, I really like the caliber and 12 OZ. weight of these gun's.... Hammer It

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