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Well I have two of Brians sets in mind, but it will be a while before I am able to advance them any further than having them on my wish list.

I have plenty of brass, and lead for when the time comes, and will probably go with something for a .452, that I can squeeze out a 275-325'ish grain out of. As for the nose, well the ones he has that are coming out looking so much like a XTP would would my purposes just fine. Since these will be for the 454, it won't take much to get them opening, it is the thickening of the base which I am hoping will keep them from turning inside out. I just simply cannot afford the XTP's in the numbers I like to shoot, and I like to practice with what I hunt with.

The other I want would be for my 41mag. While I have plenty of JHP's in the 200 - 220 range for it, but I really loved the now discontinued Remington 170gr SJHP. Loping along at around 1550 - 1700 it was an awesome performer, very muck akin to the way the much acclaimed 125gr .357 loads work. Those big exposed soft lead, deep hollow pointed noses, with that scalloped jacked really do a number on mid sized critters.

So when the time comes I will get with him and see if between the two of us we can devise something comparable. What I have seen already has been nothing short of great, so who knows.

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