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FS Reloading (formerly known as Factory Sales) has the Classic Turret for $84
, and in the kit for $200. The Loadmaster sells for $220 there in pistol calibres.
I find the turret handy for medium runs of pistol calibres. I don't recall loading rifle on mine as I do it single stage. Many others claim great success with it. I like to size then trim bottleneck cases first so it kinda takes away from the speed.

Classic Turret usually set up;
1 FL size/prime
2 flaring die/powder charge
3 seating die
4 crimp die if used

I believe the Loadmaster comes with three die sets for pistol (no factory crimp die). I usually only load pistol on the Loadmaster, but once I did do a bunch of .308. I had already sized trimmed a bunch of brass. I primed it all by hand (yes the Loadmaster priming can be finicky). I then ran the cases through with the Perfect powder measure set up on a universal charging die with Win 748 powder and then seated bullets and FCD crimped them in the last station.

Most people set Loadmasters up;
1 Universal decapping die
2 sizing die no decapping rod/ priming station
3 flaring/powder charge die
4 seating die (set not to crimp)
5 taper or factory crimp die

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