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there is an improved up pressured version of the 22lr in case you have not been looking to hard at the shelf. I believe its called the "22 WMR", it is a little known cartridge in the rimfire department.
I'm not sure if this was sarcastic humor or not. The .22 WMR is the "Winchester Magnum Rimfire" which is the official name of the round we call the .22 Mag.

There is another hardly known old rimfire round that is similar in name, called the .22 WRF, the .22 Winchester Rim Fire, and it's not safely used in either .22LR or .22 Mag. I believe Winchester made a more recent run of these rifles, and so they also made a run of the ammo, but it's basically a defunct round. That might be the one you are referring to, and thus not making a joke.
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