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I'll add that we live in a very commercialized world where private manufacturers take pride in their products. Some are more than happy to advertise their corporate name and logo. I'm sure that most folks have watched NASCAR racing and have seen all of the logos on the cars. These are part of popular culture and illustrate the role of corporations in our society.
I think that it's great how Beretta/Uberti chooses to design and manufacture their guns and where they place their logo. However, every gun design and manufacturer has it's strong and weak points. People vote with their wallet. That's how the democracy of capitalism works, and there's a silent majority that in part vote for the more affordable guns because that's what they choose to buy. That way they can own more guns for less money in the long run.
Neither brand choice or logo placement is better in absolute terms, they're just simply different from each other.
Most people have their own set of priorities.
One last thing that I will mention is that this all goes back to the day of Colt himself. He was known as a showman, he boasted his products, and also built the blue onion dome on his factory that was topped with the Rampant Colt that became famous. And his name and address was stamped right on the top of the barrel and not hidden on the bottom of it.

So it seems that stamping a name on a barrel is very original and everyone chooses to do it differently. It's important to some but not to everyone. And everyone votes with their wallet when they select which gun to buy. Even if that gun is a Ruger, there's plenty of Bill Ruger's pride and family name built into it that no one can take away from him or the Ruger owner.
If I founded that company and designed that gun, then hey, I would want my name on it too. And so did Sam Colt.

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