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Originally Posted by Martowski
Well, I've now found that I can get into the Lee Loadmaster setup complete with dies for only about $15 - $20 more than the Classic Turret press w/ accessories
Help us out here. Where did you get your price quotes?

How often will you swap calibers? It is easy and cheap with the Turret. Not so much with the progressive.

Will you put your gear away after each loading session or leave it set up permanently? My Classic Turret set up very quickly, and I keep all my gear in three smallish toolboxes. Very convenient, and I can go over to a friend's house to reload with but two trips to the car.

I started with a single stage, then got a couple of Lee Pro-1000s. Aside from the fiddling, the main reason I did not keep them is that I never got used to monitoring multiple simultaneous operations. Concentrating on one cartridge start to finish through the loading steps one at a time is much more comfortable to me. Then I do the next cartridge.

On a progressive, I was never able to go very fast because I was watching everything and double checking everything. On my Turret, with the auto-index engaged, I wound up achieving almost the same rounds per hour output and am much more relaxed when done.

Originally Posted by GTOne
remember to not turn the turret manually while the ram is down and auto-index ratchet system engaged
Actually, the position if the ram is irrelevant. The important thing is the postion of the ratchet inside its housing. When the ratchet is up, it is at risk. When the ram moves downward, the ratchet is, indeed, up. However, you can disengage the ratchet easily by grabbing the index rod, lifting it straight up a bit and dropping it back down again.

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