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Knowing what I know now about 22lr rifle "shell only" length, the CCI Stinger 32g is longer than the Remington "Shell only" Thunderbolt 40g. But being the "shell only" of the Remington 40g is shorter, but the overall length with the bullet's is the really close to the same comparing them side by side, the stinger is just barely longer to the eye.
I don't have any Aguila 60g sub-sonic ammo, which the "shell only" is really short, I've seen one before, seem's to be half shell and half bullet in length.
TBS, I would guess it's overall bullet and shell, it's similar to the other's I mentioned.

My OP, I was curious about the comparison of the 25acp bullet length to the 22lr. But I now see the variances of the 22lr bullet size, some might be longer and some might be shorter than the 25acp bullet. But overall the 22lr is longer than the 25acp.

I "wasn't" talking about carrying, or power between the two. I do carry an NAA 22lr mini revolver alongside with my .38spl or my .357 snub mostly. The Baby browning 25 is just a collector piece I shot a few time, it's just to beautiful to carry. Although I keep it loaded (35g GDHP and yes they feed) it's not really my HD gun either.
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