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MTT TL, exactly so.

Originally Posted by Sevens
I suppose this is all fine and good if taken on it's own, but the man in question here had been ROBBED at GUN POINT mere seconds before this altercation with the LEO, and was at this point given a knee in the back and was in fear for his life.
Yes, this is key - he had not only been robbed at gun point mere seconds before, but he had been set up in a criminal conspiracy to rob him and do God knows what else.

Frankly, and I hate to say this, I probably would have reacted just as this man did. The DA's fatuous conclusion that Mr. Thomas shot Officer Roach out of anger is simply out of control. There is no reason at all that Mr. Thomas would be in any state other than utter terror that he was about to be executed by a criminal.

The "let me apologize and go home" remark was unfortunate, but this was no garden variety armed robbery. These criminal scum laid a trap for him and everything that followed began with that.

Oh, and BillCA is spot on regarding appearance and professionalism. Past generations' military vets had tatoos of their branches/units on their arms. Now we have pagan or pornographic inking from wrist to shoulder. You want the job? Look the part.

Based on the very limited amount I know, if I'm on that jury, it hangs.
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