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It is my understanding with the Serpa if you draw fast and press the latch on the side it is easy to keep pressing under speed as you draw and the finger then gets inside the trigger guard and fires the weapon.
It doesn't work that way, slow or fast. There is a spot where you finger hits the release, then you slide the gun out of the holster, as you do that your finger has to leave the release slides along the holster like any other holster.

If you stick your finger in the trigger guard, its not the holsters fault, is because you aren't paying attention.

I can't see how you can get your finger into the trigger guard unless you crook it. The Serpa doesn't make you do that.

I use them in competition that requires qucik draws, never had that problem.

If I was smart enough to make a video, I'd make one post it, showing that its the shooter, not the holster that puts the finger in the trigger guard.
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