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Ive got the deluxe turret, and it spits em out more than fast enough for me. Eventually I plan to upgrade to the classic turret for the neater primer collection and the ability to use the auto index with longer cases, but Im in no hurry really.... I cant see myself ever going to a progressive press, since I load more for accuracy than volume, and dont want to add any more variables or things to have to mess with.......

add my vote for the classic turret.

If you want to just load ammo without messing with the press, get the turret,

If you want massive volume, with the understanding that you WILL be messing with it to get it running smoothly, get the loadmaster.

With my deluxe turret, I can crank out about 100 9mm rounds in an hour, without hurrying, since I look inside each case after the powder drops to make sure it looks right... Ive read of people who claim 250 per hour, which seems feasible. With the progressive people claim 900+ an hour.... it all depends on your needs....
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