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Any press that looks basically the same as another press will work the same and last the same. That means the RCBS RockChucker, Redding Boss, Hornady LnL, Lyman's Crusher and Lee's Classic Cast are basically equal presses with a few detail differences in user features.

I have a perfect condition RC I bought in '87. If Lee's Classic Cast had been available at that time my press would be red; if I have to replace my RC next month it will be red; Lee's Classic Cast IS the better press due to the much better user features. And they are cutting heavily into RCBS' market share.

That said, Lee's Classic Turret is the same basic body with an auto-indexing turret top, making it a great tool for those wanting a bit more speed in their reloading. The turret heads are actually inexpensive enough to make it rational to have one dedicated to each set of dies we use.
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