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Thanks again Mr. Boreland!
Speaking of progress how am I doing as a bench mark? What can I do to track my progress more effectively? Or is what I’ve started to do enough i.e. keep careful track of my average group size and score?
Try this - get rid of the target and simply shoot into the berm. You have no goal of shooting a good group, or how good your stance is. With a smooth trigger stroke, watch the front sight. Just relax & watch. Don't expect, react or judge. Just watch. But do be sure you watch. And it wouldn't be a bad thing to put a random dummy round in with the others during this exercise.
Sounds fun. If the range master was surprised when I bought twenty targets imagine how strange he’ll think it is to see me putting rounds through empty air! But if it helps it helps, and its an excuse to shoot more!
I can highly recommend a .22LR as an understudy to your GP100. Maybe look for an SP101 in .22LR.
Oh I want one so badly! Either an eight shot new one, or an older 6 shot, but they never have any used at my LGS and I’m kinda afraid to buy a weapon on the internet. BTW do you think they’ll make the new sp101 8 shot blued?
Also what about the fixed sights on the Rough Rider or Bearcat? Would they be a hindrance to my practice? Or the fiber optic sight on the new 101?
Oh, and should I adjust the sights on my GP to account for my consistent miss to the right? I think that maybe a trigger pull issue on my end though. I seem to recall a circle graph at the range I shot the weapon at first showing how misses in each of the directions were caused by trigger pull issues, or flinches, used to have it on my laptop, but I lost it when the laptop died.
Yeah it was the white box FMJ stuff, and I wasn’t going for show room clean, to borrow from my profession; just no black on the patch.
Hoppes No 9 and spent powder just overtook fresh baked cookies on my list of favorite smells. Don't tell my wife!
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