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1st off... been told a 30-06 in the right hands will kill anything in North America

... that said, an Alaska Kodiak bear hunt is on my "bucket list"

I have a 338 Win Mag & a 375 H&H in Browning stainless stalkers... in shooting factory ammo Federal Premium Safari both cartridges loaded with Trophy Bonded Bear Claw bullets, I found the 338 to have more penitration at 200 yards... not that the 375 shouldn't easily kill a bear with a good shot... trouble is... my expirience, nothing like that ever kills easily...

just finished up the mechanicals on my custom 416 Rigby... an Enfield action massaged to hold 3 in the mag & one in the chamber... once finished, it aught to actually replace the 375 in my 2 rifle case on that day I do go match wits with that most dangerous of foe... again, not that there is anything wrong with the H&H... my 338 is set up with a Burris 4-16, & my 375 is set up with a 2-7... thinking maybe 1-4 X on the 416 ???

I'm just going to flat out say I'm not a good enough hunter to shoot a Kodiak brown with a .270... or maybe just too much of a chicken
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