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Hunting or stopping?

Jack O'Connor wrote that 308 or 30-06 180 grain Remingon Cork-Lokt bullets will shoot bough the broad side of a brown bear (AKA grizzly)

Several NRA hunting publication have indicated about the same.

I also plan (dream) of such a hunt and have buddy there who'll host such a hunt.

The Helmerics couple in Alaska, 1950s, hunted and observed brown bear hunts with 30-30.

If the bear doesn't see you then a heaviest SP bullet in 30-06/308 class of a rifle that you KNOW ought to be enough, but if you have a 300 H&H or Win Mag that you're accurate with then might as well use that, so you don't have to track as far...that's what my friend in AK uses: 300 mags. Msr bear hunting shots are under 75 yards, so I gather.

Once a brown bear's alerted and threatened then the heaviest stopping rifle that can be shot well might be handy. I've heard 220 grain 30-06 can stop 'em if you are calm and accurate. Might be the right excuse to tryout a 458 Win Mag or Lott rile (not that I can afford it after I pay for the LRB M14SA build).

Disclosure: I've not yet shot a bear.
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