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There isn't a progressive out there in the home-consumer market that doesn't require fiddling and cleaning at regular intervals, to keep it running smoothly. Lee progressives have a rep of needing more TLC than others, however.

The Lee Classic turret has no such issues like progressives, it requires a couple drops of oil now and then and that you remember to not turn the turret manually while the ram is down and auto-index ratchet system engaged(Though even if you do tear up the little piece in there by doing so it is 50 cents for a new one. Order a few extras if you buy one). The auto-disk pro is as good as any powder measure out there. I really like the optional charge bar. The safety prime works great once aligned(easy to do, like lining up sights).

I have it, and every time I have used it I grin because of how well it works and how versatile it is, for so few dollars.
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