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Torn Between Lee Loadmaster or Classic Turret for $20 Difference

I've been doing a lot of research lately as I want to upgrade from my single stage press to something quicker. However, one consideration is that I want whatever I get to "work." Not saying I'm not willing to spend some time in set-up, but I want to get into a situation where whatever I have is reliable and robust.

I have been strongly leaning toward the Lee Classic Turret press w/ the Pro Auto Disk Powder Measure and the Safety Prime system. This seems to be a big "winner" in most people's minds, and I can put all these components in a shopping basket and have them for around $200 shipped. The Pro 1000 progressive was ruled out due to only having three holes and due to things I've read online.

Well, I've now found that I can get into the Lee Loadmaster setup complete with dies for only about $15 - $20 more than the Classic Turret press w/ accessories. Now I'm torn. The Classic Turret seems like the more fool-proof system, but the Loadmaster allure is very strong since it would put me in a full progressive five-station press for essentially the same cost as a turret.

Since these are essentially the same price to me now, what would you choose and why? I am not a high volume shooter but time savings is important and I also want something I can grow into. I will primarily be reloading handgun (mostly 9mm), but may put some .223 or even .30-06 through this as well.

BTW, one question as well: does the Loadmaster come with Lee's 3 or 4 die sets when purchased as a pistol (i.e. 9mm) package?
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