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Thanks and a few more questions!

Thanks so much! I have been a member of many forums in my time on the Net and never have I found one more informative, considerate, or prompt.
Do they tell you what powder to use?
Yes, it gives you a list of powders for each bullet type and each velocity. I’m going to try their recipe for 148 grain wadcutters. Seems like a quintessential .38 spcl load and they say that the velocity will be low. Around 768 fp/s so maybe less flash and recoil etc? Just good cheap fundamental training rounds. For this round they suggest 4.7 grains of IMR 800X which seems to be one of their go to powders for heavier 38 spcl rounds. This means that one Lee .5 dipper should hold 4.7 grains of this powder, and according to their Dipper capacity chart the .5 dipper does indeed hold that much powder. GroovyMike
Use projectiles of the correct diameter for you cartridge
other than making sure they’re 38 spcl bullets (.357-.358”) is they’re something I need to check on the diameter?
If your bullet has a crimp groove just use that.
Use it for what? To determine how far to seat the bullet? Sorry that sounds curt, just can’t think of a reword.
And thanks again all! Now to order my stuff!
Hoppes No 9 and spent powder just overtook fresh baked cookies on my list of favorite smells. Don't tell my wife!
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