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not as easy as we had hoped

we were hoping I'd get enough heat from a kitchen oven ( for future forming ) but the cases did not anneal enough using my machinist's tempering oven at 500 degrees... so the household kitchen oven is out...

also the laquer coating on the 5.7 X 28 cases did not burn off at 500 degrees... my buddy is going to try 900 degrees this afternoon & see if they'll get soft enough...

... also there is too much material at the case head, so it looks like at the least, the cases will need some turning in a lathe at the case head/ web area... my buddy did run a couple through a 22 Hornet die just to see how things would go, before making the 1st of the form dies... the pin used to maintain the primer pocket was sized the same as a primer, & it looks like it stretched / snapped tighter after removed from the die, enough so, that a primer would not seat in the primer pocket... so the pin will have to be a couple .001's bigger to get primer pocket of normal size...

the laquer coating looks to be highly solvent resistant... anyone that's played with the 5.7 X 28 cases come up with a chemical remover for the laquer ??? of coarse, maybe it'll burn off at 900 degrees ???
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