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New shooter/reloader 38spc. Lee Classic Loader

I’m new to the shooting sports, and TFL has been kind enough to share its collective knowledge with me on a number of other issues, and I was hoping that I could get some help here as well.

I guess this is a typical n00b question with the added fun of a Lee Classic Loader kit.

I’ve got around 200 spent cases of 38 special lying around, and a Lee Classic Loader, and being too poor to continue to feed my gp100 with new factory ammo I figured I’d reload some via the Lee kit.
I’ve read the For the New Reloader: Equipment Basics -- READ THIS FIRST Thread several times, but its talking about using fancier stuff than I have, like a press, and as the Lee kit is the only “experience” I’ve had reloading I’m left a little confused.
1.)If I follow the instruction exactly as they are given in the Lee Kit, use the proper bullet weight and type, the small pistol primers, the powder given for said bullet type and weight, and the prescribed dipper what are the chances I’ll blow my hand off when I cycle this stuff through my Gp100?
2.)What tools in addition to the Lee Classic Loader will I absolutely need? Keeping in mind that I’m poor:
Will I need a set of calipers to make 100% sure that they’re in Lees Minimum overall Length? Do I need a good scale to check the weight?
I’m thinking of making the 148 grain wad cutter with the .5 lee dipper using IMR 800x.
4.) My Bing shopping search gave me several different kinds of small pistol primers. Do y’all recommend any particular type or brand?
Again I’ve had a great experience here at TFL and I’m so appreciative of all the help I’ve received. Being that this is such a well educated and well mannered forum if there is anything that I should do better, or am not doing please let me know. Its very important to me that I am a member in good standing, and that my name here is worth something, and not a synonym for silliness or rudeness.
Thanks in advance
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