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L2Rb said:
"BillCA, Sevens, Frankxxxx, Meyers etc to re-post the great data and graphs under a new title and close this one out.Call it "The 327, what went right in spite of bad marketing" or "The little bullett who could" or "The bullet marketed before it was understood" or something with a positive note.I know it would take time to re-post it once but I don't see this ending any time soon under this same name."

It's actually not a bad idea. I've been sorta bothered by the title of this from the start Those not all that familiar with the .327 to start with might get the wrong idea! I can see the headlines in the mid fifties, a mere two years after the Vette's intro when the Thunderbird was killing the Chevy. "What went wrong?" Advance forward a mere five years and then another forty five or fifty. Then, GM execs: "Boy that Vette was a bad idea wasn't it? We shoulda abandoned it way back then two years into it when sales and the press was a bit rough."
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