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Grizzly rifles, confusing issue

I apologize for bringing up an often discussed issue again.
But, I am confused. Sorta.
Yesterday, I was feeding my fantasy about going on an Alaskan hunt for a big grizzly bear. I looked at the sites of a number of guides and outfitters. What they reccomended for rifle calibers left me very puzzled.
One reccomended a .270 or larger.
Another was .300 mag. or larger.
Another said .338 mag. or .375 was preferred.
And, yet another said rifles could be rented and the rifle would be a 30-06.
There is a big difference between killing power of a .270 with a thin jacketed 140 gr. bullet and a .375 mag. throwing a tough 250 gr. bullet.
Personally, I would be afraid to use a .270. My preference would be the .338 or .375.
I can't explain the wide disparity in reccomendations. More puzzling, I have to assume the guide who said .270 is experienced at killing big griz. Oh, well.
What say the jury?
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