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but wouldn't your performance be better just using 5.7x28 and adjusting your 22mag revolver to that cartrage?
that would be nice, but the bottle necked cartridge would set back & lock up the cylinder...

How are you overcoming the fact that the 5.7 is a rimless cartrage and the revolver takes rimmed 22 mag rounds??
The case body & case head will be swaged down to roughly 22 mag diameter, this will result in the original case head becoming a rim...

OLD ROPER... I like heavier bullets myself ( I've done some work with fast twist 22 Hornet, in both a revolver, & in a converted Ruger bolt action... my fast twist hornets allow the use of up to 68 grain bullets with good stabilization... I have thought of lining the barrel with something faster, allowing the use of 223 bullets, but since this is just a fun gun, I'll probably start with the 22 mag barrel at 1 in 16" twist & see what bullets will stabilize 1st... BTW... I have a 5-seven pistol, & a Contender barrel for that cartridge as well wasn't trying to imply they were anywhere close to the same in performance... been looking at lowest power reloadable cartridges for a while now
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