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Talk about bad timing! This weekend I'm building snowcaves and igloos with my Scouts up Big Cottonwood Canyon. At least the snow will be good for that (I hope). As for April, I again have conflicts on Saturday (another Scout activity - planting trees for Arbor day AND it's the State YHEC at the Lee Kay Center - I'm SLC Region V.P. for the Instructor's Association so that will be my #2 priority after Scouts), but I hope I can get out either late Sat. night (what's one more night camping out,eh?) or Sunday. By then I should have some ammo loaded up for my .38 Super, ny new 7-30 Waters Contender bbl., my .44 Redhawk and my .444Marlin lever gun. Centerfire semi-auto I don't have (except the .38 Super) - too expensive to shoot for me. Still like to meet you folks and share the campfire.

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