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new wildcat... thinking of names...

my retired builder buddy just finished my .416 Rigby ( shot it the 1st time yesterday )

so on to my next project... we are looking at swaging 5.7 X 28 cases down to the rough equivelent of the 5.7 Velo-dog case... my buddy has come up with a 4 or 5 die process, after the 5.7 X 28 cases are fully annealed... because I'm converting a 22 Mag revolver to centerfire, I can load these to higher pressures than the Velo-dog, so we are making the diameter of the case a couple .001's thicker, to keep the new case from slipping into my antique Velo-dog revolver...

so... what I'll end up with, is a reloadable 22 mag, in which I can select which bullets the cartridge is loaded with... thinking cast 22 bullets & Trailboss for low end, & Hornet bullets or light .224 rifle bullets for high end...

anyone done anything similar ???

got any suggestions for the Wildcat name ???
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