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Lots of Timex watches are sold too... but not to me. I wear a Rolex that I bought in 1978 and have worn since. You pays yer money and you gets what you get. The fact that brass framed farb-fantasy pistols sell like hotcakes says more about bad taste on the consumers end than anything else. Folks will buy just about any crap that's put in front of them, I guess. Some folks anyhow... but not all.

Back to my example though: The difference between Timex and Rolex cannot be changed, but the difference between Pietta and Uberti could be mostly changed by ONE simple change: Stop marking the sides of the barrels and move the stamps to under the loading levers. Take a quick management cappachino meeting at the factory, tell Guseppi to stamp 'em elsewhere, and a week later when the next big-container-o-pistols arrived on our fair shores their market would be larger. How larger? Dunno... 5%? 1%? If I were in business I'd try to capture ANY extra market share. Maybe they don't care and are busy enough.

I peel the dealer sticker off of my cars too... I just hate to advertise. And I don't buy Rugers either: Who needs a paragraph of legal warnings on a pistol? Mebbe it's just me, dunno... no clue. I like simple and elegent, and those markings aren't.

Best wishes, and all's well.


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