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Is it Practical?

I know many of you are joking but it's worth knowing that any form of trap which inflicts injury or imprisons the intruder will result in a civil suit against you and maybe even criminal charges. Bottom line: intruder now owns your residence.

A few things: get a good safe and keep it out of view. conceal it if you can and if it weighs less than 400 pounds or so, it should be anchored to a concrete floor. If there's excess room, add a few hundred pounds of lead ingots to it. Put safe where necessary strangers like oil burner repairmen, roto-rooter guys, the cable guy, the plumber etc, will not likely encounter it.
Add a professional security system to your residence.
Learn and follow all the advice offered to make your residence less tempting to random burglars. If you have a workshop, move all tools that could be used to attack the safe into the garage or a locked tool shed.
Add a decoy safe. Not quite as well hidden as your real safe, the objective is to cause intruders to waste precious time trying to open or make off with the decoy.

Where possible, never store valuables, guns safes in master bedroom. A $99.00 Home Depot Sentry wall safe bolted to studs in a closet would make an ideal decoy safe. If you don't have a basement, intruders often completely overlook children's rooms, hitting the master bedroom first. If they "find" something, they may not look any further.
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