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Between you and BT Sniper over on Castbolits, you fellows are going to get me to swadgeing my own yet.

He uses C&H dies he modifies to work a bit better than the standard version and there are quite a few folks who are putting out some GREAT looking bullets from all sorts of different caliber cases.

Thanks for sharing yours.
Yep, yep. Totally different methods, but the same end result: cheap jacketed bullets that we can claim as our own.

One of the reasons I decided to try this method is because Brian is taking so friggin' long getting his next batch of .44 One-Step dies finished. (And he bought out CH's inventory. )

I have a plan for a 'notch' die, but it requires an investment of about $45. So, that might not happen until I have some proper swage dies.

When I have an update for this thread, I'll post it. For now, I'm working on the things listed in my previous post (bench, core mold, etc), and trying to let my thumbs heal up. Sorting, cleaning, and packaging all of the hulls and brass from Saturday has annihilated my thumbs and fingers. Both thumbs, both index fingers, and a few other fingers are cracked and bleeding.

Edit: The up side is that Cornbush's kids picked up about 200 pristine pieces of .40 S&W brass, that will make fantastic bullets. So the bleeding fingers might be worth it. ...not very easy to type with all these fingers taped up, though.
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