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You are on the right track. I am the President of the Big Piney Sportsman's Club near Houston Missouri. We shoot an Outlaw IDPA Match every other month. We have a BUG Division, and BUG shoots the same course of fire as everyone else. We set our match up Revolver Neutral from the start. Each scenario is either 6 shots, and repeat the stage a second time, or fire 6 and a reload of another 6 on the clock. BUG Division does the same, only 5 and 5. No penalty for not firing the 6th shot. We also allow 22 RF in BUG Division, just like PCCA.
I looked over your Rule Book. Everything looked fine to me. Looked like a good plan to let Snub K & L Frames shoot in a Division, along with 3" GP100's, and snub Security Sixes, etc.

I presume by the target scoring, etc from your Rule Book that you are pretty much using the IDPA Scoring System. Probably a very good plan, as it is easy to use.

I have sent you an e-mail on your web site contact link.

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