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Reloader with CRS needs help

I have seen these shotshell reloader tables before, but for the life if me, I can't locate them again. I thought they were on the Ballistic Products website, but I have hit every link on that site. Actually, even when I looked at their wad selection, it doesn't seem to be the site I am looking for. They only carried specialized wads, not the normal trap use wads.

I am sure it's the site that also sells a very popular and affordable wad that many use in the sport field, well except for me. I am still using up a whole case load of Feceral wads I have had for some years.

I am now reloading a bunch of old hulls I have stored for years, when I still lived on the farm near Dad, and we shared an old Lyman shotshell book with the hulls that were used at that time. The newer books only show the most common cases used now. The ones in question or the old Winchester Upland Game hulls, which are not quite like the Win AA or the new replacement HS hull that they use now instead of the old one piece. It has a plastic basewad, only at the base of the hull, not the up the side plastic to mimic a tapered hull.

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