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trainer/cadet rifle

I have an old Remington "cadet" rifle. I've researched it alittle with a Remington historian and a couple books. Sometime shortly after WW1 Remington or Stevens assembled these non-firing, non serial numbered rifles, from leftover Mosin Nagant M91 / US Russian 3-Line rifle parts. They were cut down to ~43inches in length to simulate Springfield 03 length. They were sold as non-firing training rifles to places like the Citadel. Anyway, I'm probably going to be shipping one. I called the BATF and asked if I needed to ship to an FFL. The response I got was a typical "cover my a$$" answer. "Probably not necessary....BUT, you should just to be safe." Why would I need to? There is no serial number, there is no firing pin, no extractor. It was assembled to be non-shooting. Just curious what others think.
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