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In the past, my problem had been forgetting to load the powder before ramming which would lead to a dry ball situation and multiple misfires.
So what I started doing was to always insert a plastic funnel in the muzzle when I place the rifle down after each shot, much like an empty chamber flag.
That signals to me that the rifle is waiting to be charged with powder.
Then immediately after dropping in the powder charge, I remove the funnel and start to load the patched round ball.
I've found that by doing it that way and using the funnel, then even if I get distracted before loading the patch & ball, I'll know that the powder has already been dropped in since the funnel isn't in the muzzle.
And this method also helps to prevents double powder charges, although a mark on the ramrod indicating a single charge of powder may also suffice.
Since doing it this way I haven't forgotten to load the powder like I use to.

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