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Ball seating & Ramrods.

Beagle333 Wrote;
It is important to pay attention to the "fully seated" mark on the rod, instead of just "feeling like" it has stopped.
Darn good question and we all have our way of performing this important task. Thought I'd start a new post and will mainly comment on M/L rifles. However, if anyone want to input on C&B's, kindly do so. ....

It is important to mark your ram-rod. Some safety manuals state to mark the empty condition, light load and max load. Too much match for my taste and we teach to mark the max load you are shooting at that time. I have seen some older rods that have knife scribes pencils and sharpies. Marking the rod confirms your load is in the proper positions. Years ago, I saw some folks, bouncing their rods, at friendship. Never understood what that was telling them and dismissed it as a bad habit. Feel is very important, so feel the seat and eliminate any guess work. If you are starting to drag while loading, then it's past time to clean. ...

At a recent GunShow, walked up on a dealer selling a nice variety of propellants. Made a claim about not having to clean for 1,000 shots. Fairly obvious that he doesn't shoot. I politely replied that I never treat my M/L's this way. ...

Be Safe !!!
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