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Started with "Mike’s Spicy Italian Fennel Venison/Pork Sausage"

See his post #10. And of course I had to "Bubba" it up some.

I only had 3 lbs of vennison I had cut up and froze for chili meat. I added 10 lbs of pork shoulder and butt that was pretty lean. Grocery store only had beef fat available at that time so I added 3 lbs of that.

Mikes recipe was for 8 lbs so I used double his suggested ingreadents as a starting point. I love pepper and wanted to make a "hot" sausage so I used 4tsp cyanne pepper and 12 tsp black pepper. I cut back on the salt a little and used 5 tbs pickling salt.

Grocery store only had 2, 1.5 ounce bottles of whole fennel seed. I don't know how this converts to crushed fennel seed but this was only 13 tbs of whole where his recipe called for 16 tbs of crushed. Toasted per his instructions and went with it.

Same with the parsley, I bought 2 bunches chopped all but the stems along with the garlic.

Cut the meat into 1 inch cubes, mixed with seasonings and refrigerated over night. Ground and stuffed into hog casings next day making approx 3/4 pound links.

I think the results are excellent. Next time I make this I will add a little more fennel. I have been wanting a good Italian sausage recipe and this one fits the bill.

Thanks Mike!
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